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Rosin Resin SOR Series – SOR 424

Short Description:

Rosin resin SOR 424 is a light-colored and stable modified resin, which is based on rosin and unsaturated polyacid as the basic raw materials. Rosin and maleic anhydride for addition reaction and esterification of pentaerythritol, and developed by refining, decolorization, modification and other processes. The varnish produced by it has the advantages of high brightness, high hardness and strong adhesion.

Product Detail

Product Tags


Grade Appearance Softening


Color(Ga#) Acid value

(mg KOH/g)



SOR138 Yellow granular / flake 95±2 ≤3 ≤25 clear
SOR145 Yellow granular / flake 100±2 ≤3 ≤25 clear
SOR146 Yellow granular / flake 100±2 ≤3 ≤30 clear
SOR422 Yellow granular / flake 130±2 ≤5 ≤30  
SOR424 Yellow granular / flake 120±2 ≤3 ≤30

Product Performance

Light color, low odor, high softening point, light resistance, not easy to yellow, smooth after dry, hardness. Easily soluble in aromatic solvent, slightly soluble in aliphatic hydrocarbon and alcohol solvent, good compatibility with a variety of polymers. Completely dissolved in coal coke series, esters, vegetable oil, turpentine, insoluble in alcohol.


Rosin resin SOR424 is used for polyester, nitrocellulose, polyurethane and road marking paint, hot melt adhesive. Gravure printing ink. Suitable for the manufacture of paint, nitro paint, ink, adhesive, anti-theft door foam glue.



25 kg composite kraft paper bag.

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