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Rosin Resin SOR Series – SOR 422

Short Description:

Rosin resin SOR 422 is a maleic acid resin, also known as dehydrated maleic acid resin. It is a granular solid prepared by reaction of rosin and maleic acid modified by adding rosin to maleic acid anhydride and esterification with glycerol or pentaerythritol.

Product Detail

Product Tags


Grade Appearance Softening


Color(Ga#) Acid value

(mg KOH/g)



SOR138 Yellow granular / flake 95±2 ≤3 ≤25 clear
SOR145 Yellow granular / flake 100±2 ≤3 ≤25 clear
SOR146 Yellow granular / flake 100±2 ≤3 ≤30 clear
SOR422 Yellow granular / flake 130±2 ≤5 ≤30  
SOR424 Yellow granular / flake 120±2 ≤3 ≤30

Product Performance

Rosin resin SOR 422 dissolved in coal coke, esters and turpentine solvents, insoluble in alcohol solvents, partially soluble in petroleum solvents, and vegetable oil miscibility is good. This product has the advantages of light color, not easy to yellowing, good thermal stability and strong adhesion.


Rosin resin SOR422 used for polyurethane, nitrocellulose paint, amino baking paint, plastic ink, etc., to improve the hardness, brightness, polishing and fullness of the paint film, in hot melt adhesive and road sign paint to increase the adhesion or bonding agent.



25 kg composite kraft paper bag.

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