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Rosin Resin SOR Series – SOR145 /146

Short Description:

It is a kind of rosin pentaerythritol resin specially designed for hot melt adhesive industry. It has the advantages of light color, high softening point, high viscosity and good heat resistance. Especially suitable for EVA hot melt adhesive and hot melt coatings and other industries.

Product Detail

Product Tags


Grade Appearance Softening


Color(Ga#) Acid value

(mg KOH/g)



SOR138 Yellow granular / flake 95±2 ≤3 ≤25 clear
SOR145 Yellow granular / flake 100±2 ≤3 ≤25 clear
SOR146 Yellow granular / flake 100±2 ≤3 ≤30 clear
SOR422 Yellow granular / flake 130±2 ≤5 ≤30  
SOR424 Yellow granular / flake 120±2 ≤3 ≤30

Product Performance

Light color, can greatly improve the adhesion of EVA glue, good heat resistance, 180℃8 hours color deepening less than 2, good solubility, soluble in cyclohexane, petroleum ether, toluene, xylene, ethyl acetate, acetone and other solvents, compatibility is good, and a variety of polymers such as NR, CR, SIS, EVA and so on in any proportion miscible.


Rosin resin SOR145 /146 used for hot melt adhesive,EVA glue, book and magazine binding glue, woodworking glue, sanitary napkin glue, label glue, self-adhesive, refilm glue, decorative glue, building sealant, road marking paint, etc.



25kgs composite kraft paper bag.

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