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Versatility in Adhesive Applications with the SHR-18 Series of C5 Hydrocarbon Resins


As demand for high-performance adhesives continues to grow across industries, the need for quality resin solutions is becoming increasingly important. C5 hydrocarbon resins, especially the SHR-18 series, have become trusted and versatile ingredients in adhesive formulations.

C5 hydrocarbon resin is produced by cracking the aliphatic C5 fraction, and the resulting product has excellent compatibility, low color and good thermal stability. The SHR-18 series, in particular, is known for its superior bonding properties, making it a top choice for adhesive manufacturers looking to enhance product performance.

One of the major benefits of using the SHR-18 series of C5 hydrocarbon resins in adhesive formulations is their ability to improve tack and adhesion. By incorporating this resin into adhesive formulations, manufacturers can achieve a strong initial bond, thereby improving the overall performance and durability of the adhesive product. This is particularly advantageous in applications such as packaging, assembly and automotive adhesives, where reliable bonding is critical.

In addition, the SHR-18 series offers excellent compatibility with a variety of polymers and other resins, allowing formulators to create customized adhesive solutions based on specific application requirements. This versatility enables the development of adhesives with different properties, such as flexibility, toughness and cohesion, to meet the diverse needs of different industries.

In addition to its adhesive properties, the SHR-18 series of C5 hydrocarbon resins also help improve the adhesive's thermal stability and resistance. This is especially important in applications where the adhesive is subject to high temperatures or outdoor exposure, as the resin helps maintain the integrity of the adhesive bond under challenging environmental conditions.

The SHR-18 series features different softening points, giving formulators the flexibility to tailor the rheological and viscosity properties of their adhesive formulations. This adaptability is valuable in achieving the desired application method and final performance of the adhesive product.


In summary, the SHR-18 series of C5 hydrocarbon resins offer numerous advantages for adhesive applications, including improved tack and adhesion, excellent compatibility, thermal stability and formulation versatility. Its use in adhesive formulations has been proven to help improve product performance and meet the changing needs of various industries. As the demand for high-quality adhesives continues to grow, the SHR-18 Series continues to be a reliable choice for adhesive manufacturers looking to improve product performance.

Post time: Dec-28-2023